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Samstag, 25. April 2015

X.Challange Week 2015 (Englisch)

This international carp cup was on lake Haromfa in Hungary from 23.3.2015 to 28.3.2015. There were 25 teams from  Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Romania and Slovenia.

Challenge week is a big carp event happens every year. The wining reward is 1.000 000 forints or about 3000 euros. But only first place counts. Lake Haromfa or Green hell is 54 hectare big built in 1960’ s. It is only 200 kilometres from Graz. Ninety percent of it is covered with lotuses. The biggest carp in lake is 31 kilos. 
The other information you can find on webpage

This was 5 days competition. We change a fishing location every day. In a 3 hour break we have to move on the another place after the draw. Boilie&more team Slovenia caught five carps total weight 52,6 kilos and reached ninth place.

The fishing competition was very physical and mental difficult. There was very little time for resting. Last free days were very windy.

All 25 teams caught 1019 kilos of carps.The biggest carp had 15.2 kilos. The winning team from Hungary had 146  kilos.

Best regards,
Boilie&more Slovenian-Team.


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